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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year to all Laziali around the world!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Post Derby thoughts

I've not updated my blog since the season begun. Ironically, La Lazio have been winning so i thought i shouldnt do anything, for superstitious reason.

I was inspired to write again after watching the movie titled 'Eat Pray love' by Juliet Roberts. In this film, she travelled to Rome inorder to find herself again after a failed marriage, and it brought back wonderful memories during the time i was in Rome for my honeymoon. The moment when i stepped into the Stadio Olimpico for the very first time still lingers in my mind.

Ok, enought of reminiscing. Last sunday, we lost to our fierce rival, A.S Roma aka the dogs 0-2. I was distraught and upset. Could it be that our luck that had been with us in the ealier games, finally left us for good?

Lazio fans all over the world pointed their fingers at Referee Morganti, who denied us several penalties claimed. But why not look at the bigger picture? We lost simply because our forwards were not clinical enough infront of goal. Here's a few points that i would like share.

1. Hernanes should had buried the ball into the net when he briliantly broke the offside trap, and with only the keeper to beat.

2. Foggia could have applied lesser force to that volley that hit the cross bar.

3. The crosses from the wings were pathetic.

4. Zarate shouldnt have even stepped onto the field. - He seeks personal glory.

5. 2 of our players jumped together for a high ball, clashed and went down injured. A Roma player took the loose ball and won a penalty, which eventually resulted in a goal. The question here is not why that Roma player did not stop play, but why in the world 2 Lazio players were fighting for the same ball?! This is top flight football and mistake like this would kill you! Where was the communication between them!?

The above are just my personal opinion. And by the way, we lost to Cesena 1-0 yesterday. Milan are now top of the table..It is nice that we were top of the league for 3 weeks. Now lets get back to more realistic target. - Top 5 in the league!

Lazio till i die!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lazio 3-1 Bologna

We had a good game during the weekend against Bologna! In the first half, we had some attempts on goal but it was practically impossible to break the stubborn Rossoblu's defence.

At some point, they have about 9 players in their own penalty box!! Crazy! Zarate again was perhaps trying too hard to score. He has to understand that football is played by 11 men, and he cant dribble the entire defence single-handedly!

To be honest, it was after he was replaced by Kozak in the 2nd half, that we played much much better! Stefano Mauri switched to the center behind Rocchi and Kozak, and Hernanes to the right. Mauri plays best as a trequartista behind the strikers and there is no denying he had an awesome game!! He scored one from an assist by Capitano Rocchi, and return the favour by sending a delightful cross-chip to the Captain who lobbed the Bologna keeper, Viviano into the empty net!

Il Profeta scored from the penalty spot deep into injury time to send Lotito into smiles on the stands. Next up, away to Firenze!

Avanti Lazio!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Lazio Primavera 1-0 Pepperones

Well, our little ones did us proud! They defeated the Roma Primavera squad in the Final of the Youth Cup, and were crowned champions of Italy!

A Ceccarelli penalty and a penalty saved by Lazio's keeper, Beradi in the 90th Minute, did the job! Good Job Boys!!!

Lazio Singapore meets the Ambassador!

Two weeks ago, members of the ‘Singapore Lazio Supporters group’ were invited to the Italian Embassy in Singapore, for an impromptu meeting with the Ambassador of Italy, his Excellency, Mr. Felicani.

The owner of ‘Sapore Italiano’, Andrea, first introduced us to the Ambassador at his restaurant, during the World Cup match between Italy and New Zealand.

Before we were introduced to the ambassador at the restaurant, I was having this conversation with my friend, Stefano.

“What do you think? You think he knows about football?” I asked.

“I think he knows nothing about Lazio.” Stefano added.

Shortly after, we were left eating our own words, as it turn out that he is a big fan of Lazio! Hahaha...

My first impression of the Ambassador was he is handsome, very humble, extremely friendly, and very knowledgeable and passionate about La Lazio! Stefano and I were further blown away, when he told us that his late-father used to play for Lazio in the 30s, and that he had played with the legendary Silvio Piola.

His late-father’s name is Renzo Felicani, and his uncle who also played for Lazio, and whom I managed to find information on ‘LazioWiki’, is Pietro Felicani.

So the three of us, Darran, Stefano and myself were in the Ambassador’s office, as he took out his father’s old photo album. It feels like a magical tour back in time, as he showed us his father’s photos when he was young, to the time he joined Lazio, during the war when he served as an artillery officer, and the post-war where he continued to play for the Biancoceleste.

Obviously, words could not describe my emotion back then as pages after pages, photos of the former players, the heroes of La Lazio appeared in front of my naked eyes. You have to understand that these photos are really very sought-after, and one in particular, was actually signed by all the players including Silvio Piola! These are simply priceless photos!!!! I would not even consider selling them for a Million Dollar if I were the owner of these photos. I am soooo excited even when I am typing this now!! (This adrenaline rush will take a month to subside)

Ambassador Felicani also expressed his interest in joining the Lazio Singapore Supporters group. – We were all deeply honoured and delighted!

“Sir, you can join us for gatherings and play some football together,” I told him

“Yes, if only it’s near a church or a hospital” He laughs

We all burst out laughing!

The highlight of the meeting was his gift to the Singapore Lazio Supporters. – An old school replica Lazio 1930s -1940s jersey. The jersey has the old Facist logo of Lazio on it, so I reckon it should be from the 30s, probably before the war. Regardless of whichever era it comes from, I am definitely going to frame it up and hanged it on the wall!

To return his nice gesture, I gave him a ‘Vola-Lazio-Vola’ scarf written in Chinese characters, made for the 2009 Italian Super Cup in Beijing, and some newspaper cutting of articles about the global Laziali invasion on Corrielle Dello Sport. The latter was very happy and impressed by the efforts from Laziofever and the global Laziali.

However due to the rather short meeting and all the excitement, we have apparently forgotten to take pictures of the ambassador’s late father!

WAIT, DON’T SWEAR! We promised to take more photos of him during our next meeting. Hahaha..

Enjoy the photos folks..

Forza Lazio!

The Ambassador's office. Nice view..
The symbol of the Lazio region.

The footballer's Identity card belonging to the Ambassdor's father, Renzo Felicani.
The photo on the left is Natalio Perinetti. A very famous Argentinean Striker, but was never a Lazio player. He is somehow related to the Ambassador's late father.

A very unique photo. 2 legends entering the pitch together. Giuseppe Meazza and our very own, Silvio Piola.

Can you spot Silvio Piola? Standing, third from the right. Grande Capitano!
The back of the photo with the player's names written on it. And can someone tell me if the address still exist now in Rome?

Some photos from the post wars and 70s.
A very very rare and sought-after photo, containing the signatures from all the players! The holy grail indeed!
Ambassador Felicani presenting Lazio Singapore, the Lazio jersey.

And alittle gift to his Excellency.

The old scudetto badge on a Lazio jersey. How nice it would be..(Lazio have never won the scudetto before the war)

PS: His excellency said he wants to see the reaction from the fans, So do drop some comments folks!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010