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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lazio vs Livorno / Udinese vs Lazio

Sorry for the super late post!! I was on the cruise ship when Lazio played Livorno in midweek and i only returned today from a week long holiday!

I was really excited about the game, and the worse thing for any football fans is that u cant catch your favourite team in action. The internet speed was pathetic but luckily my pal, Darran was updating me the score via sms through out the 90mins, while i was watching some lame magic show onboard the ship. When Floccari scored to make it 2-1, i punched my fist in the air! Some audiences + staffs were quite upset about it. Hahaha..but i dont really care, i was too highly intoxicated!

I think we have accquired a great footballer in Sergio Floccari. Although its a loan deal, i hope the club can work out something to make the deal permanent. Apparently, he has scored in 2 games in a row -the latest against Udinese away.

Anyway, i will like to discuss about an issue regarding us, Laziali. This topic has been ringing in my head for the past days and i promised to share with readers on this blog.

I bought a football magazine during my holidays in Hongkong as they have an article about Lazio. In it, they were saying about how badly we have played this season and that we Lazio fans could not accept the fact that the glory days were gone. We have to do a reality check and that we are now merely an average team.

This somehow struck me and got me wondering.

I think in our history, we have gone down to Serie B and back to A in more than 2 occasions(Pls correct me if im wrong) and each time, stronger than before. I read that in 1973 season when we were just promoted to A, we were title contenders straightaway and only lost the title to Juventus in the last game of the championship. However, we got the scudetto the following season with the help of Chinaglia and the great Giuseppe Wilson.

During the 80s, we were in B and nearly in C! And we too got out of that dark period. All these demonstrated that we have survived the worse and will definitely survive the current slump.

Therefore, i disagree with the article that we Lazio fans have to accept the fact that we are nolonger the team of Cragnotti. We suffered mainly due to poor management from Claudio Lotito. He reinforcement during pre-season was mediocre and the Pandev and Ledesman saga left alot of players worried.

We were competing in Europe and Serie A and we simply do not have the squad to rotate week in, week out! So, it is very clear and obvious that we Laziali are fustrated because deep down, we know that our team are capable of better results and league position only to have an incapable president leading us.

Ok ok, enough of talks and grumbling. Lets enjoy the highlights of both the games!