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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010


We got the Prophet, Hernanes!!

It was reported that Lotito paid 13.5 Millions to Sao Paulo for the player. Hernanes will join up with the rest of the boys in Rome after his international duties with Brazil against USA on 10th of August.

According to the player, he is looking forward to his new adventure with the Eagles. Apparently, he has heard alot of good stuff from Andrea Dias (His former teammates in Sao Paulo) about Lazio. He also hopes to replicate his performance for Sao Paulo for us and hopefully become a legend in Lazio.

These are nice words from the latter...Now i just hope he will not turn out to be like Diego of Juventus!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Market Update

Hernanes is edging closer to the Capital!

The Vice-President of Sao Paolo has revealed to the Brazilian Press that the deal is as good as done. What lacking is only the official announcement. I think the reason is because the club do not want the player(s) to be distracted or affected.

Sao Paolo have a Final of the Coppa Liberatores to play for this thursday, and have to overcome a 1-0 1st leg deficit. Most probably the official annoucement will be made after the Final in Mid-August. (If Sao Paolo made it to the Final)

Another news that has grab the headlines is us linking to Kevin Prince Boateng. The latter has already rejected us but for some apparent reason, rumors said that we are also close to getting him. Hmm..he is a strong and physical player who is very attacking minded. Im not sure if he will suit Reja's system. Neverthelss, it would really be a dream if he comes to Rome. Can you imagine the midfield consisiting of Ledesma, Boateng, Hernanes and Bresciano??

Monday, August 2, 2010

Negotiation for Hernanes

The transfer saga of Brazilian Hernanes is drawing to a close. In a couple of days time, we will all know that if the player will pen the contract with us as stated by the Italian Media, or that Sao Paulo will reject the proposal by Lazio.

An article on Lazialita says that the Brazilian midfielder is 99% a Lazio player and he is just a signature away from becoming 1 of us. Federico Penha, the vice-president of 'Traffic' who owns 17% of the player's rights has confirmed that.

In Brazil, it is very common for players to be own by several 'companies'.

Alot of my friends are delighted about this piece of news though nothing official has been announced. Youtube videos of the player can be seen everywhere on Facebook and some even hailing Claudio Lotito. *Shrugs*

For me, i hope the rumors are true of course. But i will not believe anything until i see him in the press conference, in a Lazio jersey at Formello.

Offcial: Lazio signs Javier Garrido and Alvaro Gonzalez

So after offloading and profiting about 19 Millions + Bonuses for Kolarov, our Lazio wasted no time in bringing in 2 new players. They are namely Javier Garrido from Man City and Alvaro Gonzalez from Uruguay's Nacional.

Garrido is basically a replacement for Kolarov on the left side of defence and cost 2.5 Millions. I have never seen him play in my entire life, so i will reserve my comments on the latter till later stage of the season.

As for Gonzalez, the player has actually been with us for acouple of weeks. It's just that there was no official announcement by the society. He has played afew friendly matches for us in Auronzo and has impressed many. Gonzalez can be used as a winger and right side of midfield.

Welcome to La Lazio boys!!