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Thursday, August 6, 2009


These are real fans... 8145Km Per Te. --In English, it says ' I travelled 8145KM for you (Lazio)!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lets Cruz to victory!!!

Julio Cruz was officially unveiled as a Lazio player in Beijing yesterday. The squad has arrived in the 'Forbidden City' a week early for the Super cup tie against Inter so as to acclimatise themselves.

Due to unforseen circumstances, i'm not able to travel to Beijing for this game as stated in my previous entry.

I'm feeling fucking distraught as i'm typing this.

Anyway, i hope the club can settle the issue regarding the 3 rebels soon. President Lotito is placing the interest of Lazio above all but there is just no point in keeping them in the stands all season and not selling them!?

Lastly, i hope our Chinese Laziali enjoy the match and the once in a life time chance of meeting the players. Lets bring that Italian Super CUP back to Rome!!! Andiamo!!!!

Below is a video link of the team's arrival at Beijing International Airport.

Per Sempre Forza Lazio,