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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Post Derby thoughts

I've not updated my blog since the season begun. Ironically, La Lazio have been winning so i thought i shouldnt do anything, for superstitious reason.

I was inspired to write again after watching the movie titled 'Eat Pray love' by Juliet Roberts. In this film, she travelled to Rome inorder to find herself again after a failed marriage, and it brought back wonderful memories during the time i was in Rome for my honeymoon. The moment when i stepped into the Stadio Olimpico for the very first time still lingers in my mind.

Ok, enought of reminiscing. Last sunday, we lost to our fierce rival, A.S Roma aka the dogs 0-2. I was distraught and upset. Could it be that our luck that had been with us in the ealier games, finally left us for good?

Lazio fans all over the world pointed their fingers at Referee Morganti, who denied us several penalties claimed. But why not look at the bigger picture? We lost simply because our forwards were not clinical enough infront of goal. Here's a few points that i would like share.

1. Hernanes should had buried the ball into the net when he briliantly broke the offside trap, and with only the keeper to beat.

2. Foggia could have applied lesser force to that volley that hit the cross bar.

3. The crosses from the wings were pathetic.

4. Zarate shouldnt have even stepped onto the field. - He seeks personal glory.

5. 2 of our players jumped together for a high ball, clashed and went down injured. A Roma player took the loose ball and won a penalty, which eventually resulted in a goal. The question here is not why that Roma player did not stop play, but why in the world 2 Lazio players were fighting for the same ball?! This is top flight football and mistake like this would kill you! Where was the communication between them!?

The above are just my personal opinion. And by the way, we lost to Cesena 1-0 yesterday. Milan are now top of the table..It is nice that we were top of the league for 3 weeks. Now lets get back to more realistic target. - Top 5 in the league!

Lazio till i die!