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Monday, July 26, 2010

The goal that saved Lazio

Chanced upon this video from a Facebook post and thought i should share this with you. This goal by Fiorini in 1987 saved us from going down to Serie C!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kolarov to Manchester City- OFFICIAL!

Aleksander Kolarov has signed a contract with Man City and will undergo medical test on monday. We will get our 18 Million and invest it on new players! -I hope!

We beat Vicenza 2-1 in a friendly yesterday, with Kozak and Bresciano getting in the scoresheet. Kozak has impressed me with his strike rate so far, and i really hope he will be integrated into the senior team. Why keep looking for a 4th striker when there is already a talent in our team?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Transfers Update

(The boys in Auronza Di Cadore before the match against Iran)

Our Mercato has been pathetic so far although Bresciano looked like a very useful addition. I hope Lotito and Company have learn the lesson of last season, and do better in the transfer market.

I've been reading news from and everyday, but it seems like our dreams of signing Hernanes from Sao Paulo is getting more impossible everyday. It is reported that Lotito has submitted to Sao Paulo a 2nd bid of 13 Million for the centrocampista. Fingers crossed guys!!

Aquafresca joined the long list of players that have turn us down. This is embarrasing..Martinez, Boateng, the Iranian guy and now Aquafresca! Mama mia..

There is still no official new of Kolarov signing for Manchester City! - Im getting worried! Juve have said to have made a last minute attempt to sign the Serbian left back. The deal is almost done and i think he is undergoing his medical. How in the world would he want to join Juve in such circumstances? Hahaha..stupid Juventus never fail to amuse me.

So now after we cash in on Kolarov for 19 Million, lotito is going to buy Antonelli from Parma as well as Hernanes. Antonelli is the natural replacement for Kolarov. My friend Stefano has told me that he had quite a good season with Parma. Hmm..lets see!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The good games of 2009/2010

Here are some matches from last season that is worth to see a 2nd time.
Lazio Vs Inter 2-1 Italian SuperCup

Genoa vs Lazio 1-2

Bologna Vs Lazio 2-3

Livorno Vs Lazio 1-2

Cagliari Vs Lazio 0-2

Parma Vs Lazio 0-2

Lazio vs Livorno 4-1

Lazio Vs Siena 2-0

Lazio Vs Villareal 2-1

Lazio Vs Genoa 1-0

Eagles in the World Cup

1. Fernando Muslera- Musly had a great World Cup campaign in which he led Uruguay to a 4th place finished. A top class performance from the latter.

2.Stephan Lichtsteiner- I rate him the best perfomer after Musly. Brilliant 1st game against Spain. He was abosutely dominant in defence and shutting out several dangerous attacks from David Villa and company. His challange on Andreas Iniesta late in the game caused the Spanish to be subsituted.

3.Aleksander Kolarov- Did not have a very particular good world cup with Serbia. However, he did well against the Germans in which they won. His below-par performance could had indirectly caused his potential transfer to Real Madrid to collapse. I would gladly sell him for even 10 Million. What is Lotito thinking?

4. Mark Breciano- Lazio's new signing. Hmmmm no comments really. A so-so performance by the Aussie.