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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lazio 0-1 Cagliari

This defeat is not gonna help reduce the tension amongst the Irriducibile (Lazio's Ultras). The Ultras staged a protest at Lazio's training ground, Formello due to the horrible performances in the league. Apparently, explosives were hurled onto the training pitch and Capitano Rocchi was confronted.

Was the report true or simply over-exagerated? I dont know..what i know is we need to reorganise the team and get back to winning again!! This sunday, we face Siena away. Siena away is never easy as they have a strong home support plus their key player in Massimo Maccarone.

It is really very very painful to be a Lazio fan at the moment. But like what my friend Caxi said which i agreed. Win or lose, we are always blessed to be a Laziali.

Come on you EAGLES!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Missing in Action

Greetings all! Its been awhile since my last update. I know its very unprofessional of me but i just cant bring myself to update the team news when our team is doing so badly in the league.

Excuse me but how in the world can we lose to a team like Bari? With all due respect but we should be winning against newly promoted side like them!

Though we have already got 1 major silverware in the Super Italian cup this season, i think we did terribly in the transfer mercato! We are simply not adequately covered in most positions! Man..we need Ledsma back as i prefer him to Baronio anytime!!!

Nevertheless, i think we are doing fine in Europe especially the win against Villareal. I think we have a good change in progressing to the 2nd round (My prediction during pre-season).

Below is the highlights against Villareal. Enjoy!!

Forza Lazio per sempre!