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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Singapore Lazio fans gathering -29/12/09

From Left: Jon, Harun, Nigel, Stefano and Darran.

I didnt go to an Ex-colleague’s wedding yesterday. I had something more important to attend. Its the Lazio supporters gathering.

I used to think that i was the only surviving Lazio fan on this EPL infested island. Never in my freaking entire life would i expect myself to sit together with a bunch of Lazio fans in some cafe at Bugis junction, discussing about the latest situation/players and insulting the president of Lazio.

It felt good. The camaraderie was fantastic..we looked like as though we knew each other for a long time. It is really touching and heart-warming that despite such difficult time we are going through, there are still fans like Darran, Stefano, Jon and Harun behind Lazio. I was over-whelmed!

I’m sure if its some other Singaporeans who supports winning teams like Liverpool or Man united, they would have already long given up or ‘Switch teams’. We Laziali are truely rare and unique..and together, we will ride out this storm and prevail!!!

Lazio till i die!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We finally won!!! 500 minutes without a goal!!! Kolarov broke the goal drought and La LAZIO defeated Genoa 1-0 at the Olimpico!! Enjoy the highlights:

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A true fan..

A Lazio fan posted this on Laziofever forum. I really like it.

Does anyone remember the 1980's? THOSE were tough times. Tougher than anything I've seen with Lazio. The 1980's were dreadful.The year was 1986. There was no internet. There was no email. There was no long distance calling unless you wanted to pay a fortune. Lazio were in a struggle to fight off relegation to Serie C. We needed two playoff wins JUST to survive. In two years...we were back to A. We made it. Gianmarco Callero! Times are tough...I am not happy with our team. I am not happy with our position in Seire A.

I am not happy with our exit out of Europe. I am not happy with our owner. I am not happy with our coach. I am not happy about our defense. I am not happy about our attack. I am not happy about Pandev. I am not happy about our lack of money.Times are tough...BUT...I am proud. I saw us lift the Scudetto. I lived through Crag. I lived through a few "scandals." I will live through this.I am happy to support Lazio each and every game.

I am happy to be a part of the 1st and true club of Rome. I am happy to be in this chatroom typing this message about the football team I care most about.It is NOW that we must dig in, accept the facts, and remember who we are and why we support Lazio. Win, lose or draw, I promise you...I PROMISE YOU..we will return to glory one day. And when we do...we will all look back at this time and the stories will be even more dramatic than they are now and will cheers, toast and talk about how we lived through Lotito, fought off relegation, made it back to Serie A, and how we never gave up.

Non Mollare Mai and Happy Early Holidays you crazy lot!