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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Singapore Lazio fans gathering -29/12/09

From Left: Jon, Harun, Nigel, Stefano and Darran.

I didnt go to an Ex-colleague’s wedding yesterday. I had something more important to attend. Its the Lazio supporters gathering.

I used to think that i was the only surviving Lazio fan on this EPL infested island. Never in my freaking entire life would i expect myself to sit together with a bunch of Lazio fans in some cafe at Bugis junction, discussing about the latest situation/players and insulting the president of Lazio.

It felt good. The camaraderie was fantastic..we looked like as though we knew each other for a long time. It is really touching and heart-warming that despite such difficult time we are going through, there are still fans like Darran, Stefano, Jon and Harun behind Lazio. I was over-whelmed!

I’m sure if its some other Singaporeans who supports winning teams like Liverpool or Man united, they would have already long given up or ‘Switch teams’. We Laziali are truely rare and unique..and together, we will ride out this storm and prevail!!!

Lazio till i die!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We finally won!!! 500 minutes without a goal!!! Kolarov broke the goal drought and La LAZIO defeated Genoa 1-0 at the Olimpico!! Enjoy the highlights:

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A true fan..

A Lazio fan posted this on Laziofever forum. I really like it.

Does anyone remember the 1980's? THOSE were tough times. Tougher than anything I've seen with Lazio. The 1980's were dreadful.The year was 1986. There was no internet. There was no email. There was no long distance calling unless you wanted to pay a fortune. Lazio were in a struggle to fight off relegation to Serie C. We needed two playoff wins JUST to survive. In two years...we were back to A. We made it. Gianmarco Callero! Times are tough...I am not happy with our team. I am not happy with our position in Seire A.

I am not happy with our exit out of Europe. I am not happy with our owner. I am not happy with our coach. I am not happy about our defense. I am not happy about our attack. I am not happy about Pandev. I am not happy about our lack of money.Times are tough...BUT...I am proud. I saw us lift the Scudetto. I lived through Crag. I lived through a few "scandals." I will live through this.I am happy to support Lazio each and every game.

I am happy to be a part of the 1st and true club of Rome. I am happy to be in this chatroom typing this message about the football team I care most about.It is NOW that we must dig in, accept the facts, and remember who we are and why we support Lazio. Win, lose or draw, I promise you...I PROMISE YOU..we will return to glory one day. And when we do...we will all look back at this time and the stories will be even more dramatic than they are now and will cheers, toast and talk about how we lived through Lotito, fought off relegation, made it back to Serie A, and how we never gave up.

Non Mollare Mai and Happy Early Holidays you crazy lot!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

God help us!

Lazio!! I will never forsake you!!! Lets get out of this mess...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lazio 0-1 Cagliari

This defeat is not gonna help reduce the tension amongst the Irriducibile (Lazio's Ultras). The Ultras staged a protest at Lazio's training ground, Formello due to the horrible performances in the league. Apparently, explosives were hurled onto the training pitch and Capitano Rocchi was confronted.

Was the report true or simply over-exagerated? I dont know..what i know is we need to reorganise the team and get back to winning again!! This sunday, we face Siena away. Siena away is never easy as they have a strong home support plus their key player in Massimo Maccarone.

It is really very very painful to be a Lazio fan at the moment. But like what my friend Caxi said which i agreed. Win or lose, we are always blessed to be a Laziali.

Come on you EAGLES!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Missing in Action

Greetings all! Its been awhile since my last update. I know its very unprofessional of me but i just cant bring myself to update the team news when our team is doing so badly in the league.

Excuse me but how in the world can we lose to a team like Bari? With all due respect but we should be winning against newly promoted side like them!

Though we have already got 1 major silverware in the Super Italian cup this season, i think we did terribly in the transfer mercato! We are simply not adequately covered in most positions! Man..we need Ledsma back as i prefer him to Baronio anytime!!!

Nevertheless, i think we are doing fine in Europe especially the win against Villareal. I think we have a good change in progressing to the 2nd round (My prediction during pre-season).

Below is the highlights against Villareal. Enjoy!!

Forza Lazio per sempre!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


These are real fans... 8145Km Per Te. --In English, it says ' I travelled 8145KM for you (Lazio)!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lets Cruz to victory!!!

Julio Cruz was officially unveiled as a Lazio player in Beijing yesterday. The squad has arrived in the 'Forbidden City' a week early for the Super cup tie against Inter so as to acclimatise themselves.

Due to unforseen circumstances, i'm not able to travel to Beijing for this game as stated in my previous entry.

I'm feeling fucking distraught as i'm typing this.

Anyway, i hope the club can settle the issue regarding the 3 rebels soon. President Lotito is placing the interest of Lazio above all but there is just no point in keeping them in the stands all season and not selling them!?

Lastly, i hope our Chinese Laziali enjoy the match and the once in a life time chance of meeting the players. Lets bring that Italian Super CUP back to Rome!!! Andiamo!!!!

Below is a video link of the team's arrival at Beijing International Airport.

Per Sempre Forza Lazio,

Monday, July 20, 2009

Where is Justice?

Reconstruction video on Sandri's murder.

After 9 hours of closed session, the Italian court sentenced Police officer, Luigi Spaccarotella to 6 years imprisonment for killing Lazio fan Gabriele Sandri at Badia al Pino on A1 on 11 November 2007.

Fans around the world including me felt a sense of injustice pertaining to the sentence. He was charged with Non-voluntary omicide and not murder! Apparently, the court said he fired the so-called 'warning' shot without the intent of killing. *SHRUGS*

I think there will be a 2nd trial. Till then, Sandri. Please Rest in Peace! There will be Justice!

Lazio, Tu non sarai mai sola!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just go Ledesma!

Lazio midfielder Cristian Ledesma has no intention of staying at the club and would like a move as soon as possible. The 26-year-old Argentine has been making noises all summer and is attracting interest from Juventus.“I want to change because it is a personal decision. There isn't a concrete offer and I won't name names because there isn't anyone who has said: 'I want you',” Ledesma told “We have said what we should have said. There is no reason to be nervous, disappointed or sad. “I am leaving because now is the time to change, not because Lazio are a small club or the fact I feel better than my team-mates. Thinking like this would show a lack of respect to the club.“It would be best to find an agreement, but an offer has to arrive. It would be better if I were to get one from Italy, but we are waiting without making any statements or naming any names. “It would not be a problem to stay, but I don't want to start an argument.”Asked if he had spoken with Davide Ballardini, Ledesma replied: “No, in the last two days we have been undergoing tests.”

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Brand new start!

A brand new season! A brand new start!!! Andiamo!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Malaga Winger Eliseu Signs For Lazio!

Lazio have completed the signing of Portuguese midfielder Eliseu from Spanish club Malaga, according to reports in La Gazzetta dello Sport.

The Aquile have beaten off competition from Sevilla for the services of the 25-year-old, who signed a five-year contract worth €750,000-per-season last night.

Eliseu had refused to extend his contract with Malaga beyond 2010 and the Primera Division club have allegedly accepted a bid of just €1 million from the Eternal City outfit.

The winger, who made his Portugal national team debut this month, is expected to fly to Rome tomorrow to undergo a medical before being unveiled to the press.

Meanwhile, Lazio president Claudio Lotito is continuing his Spanish shopping spree and has set his sights on Valencia playmaker Ever Banega to replace the departing Cristian Ledesma.

Banega, who will turn 21 next Monday, spent last season on loan at Atletico Madrid, who have not taken up their option to make the move permanent this summer.

Valencia are reportedly willing to sell the former Boca Juniors man and Lotito is hoping to get the player on loan with the right to sign him permanently next year.

Banega would reunite with compatriot Mauro Zarate in the Italian capital - the duo won the Under-20 World Cup with Argentina in 2007.

---Source from

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Its Ballardini! Lazio's new coach!!

President Claudio Lotito has appointed Ex-Palermo coach, Davide Ballardini as Lazio's new coach. As far as im concern, i will reserve my comment on him until say like 10 games into the season.

He is a fairly good tactician from what i know and has guided Palermo to an impressive 8th spot in the campionato. And Palermo were very strong at home last season to! So i do hope he makes the Stadio Olimpico into a mighty fortress and guide us as far as possible in Europe!

May the force be with Lazio!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Vola Lazio Vola Piano Version

Lovely piece of music. Vola Lazio Vola Piano version. Wonder where i can find the mp3.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Foggia Scored for Nazionale!

Foggia scored for 'The Azzurri' during the friendly match against Northern Ireland in which the host triumphed 3-0. He received a defence-splitting pass from Giuseppe Rossi and send a delicate chip into the net. Exquisite goal indeed!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lets embrace for a better season!

The championship has ended..Pandev is most likely to leave us..

Although we finished mid-table, we won the Coppa Italia!

Let us all hope for a better championship next season!!

And all the best in Europe!!

Forza Lazio!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Ciao Paolo!!

Ok, basically i will like to pay my tribute to Milan's retiring captain, Paolo Maldini. He is a true legend and deserved a post on Lazio Singapore Blog. Paolo, Happy retirement!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pandev, God Speed!

The boys from delivered a message to Goran Pandev through Ermetico'. This was his reply,

'Grazie.I still don't know where my future is but i promise to keep this message with me.'


Thank you for all the goals and dedication to S.S Lazio Goran, i thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please dont go...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Italian Super Cup Press Conference in Beijing

Domizzi with his Lazio Scarf and Laptop.

The Italian Ambassador.

Domizzi seated at the centre.

The Official Press Conference for the upcoming Italian Super Cup was held in Beijing yesterday evening.

To mark the 1-year anniversary of the Beijing Olympics, this game will be played on August 8th 2009. Exactly 1 year after the opening ceremony.

The organizing committee invited Domizzi and two other members (‘Hail-Lazio’ & ‘Bob’) from to be a part of this grand occasion.

To mark this special event, the Italian ambassador; Mr. Riccardo Sessa was also present. Domizzi and friends were seated at the front row of the ballroom and when it was Mr. Sessa’s turn to give a speech, the boys cheered with their flags. Yes, they brought their Lazio flag to the ‘press conference’!! Mr. Sessa, smiled and waved to the boys as to return the friendly gesture. Right after, the TV crews and cameramen rushed towards where they were seated and began filming/shooting at them. :) The boys even shouted ‘Forza Lazio’ together!! Wooo..

After the speech, a famous local TV football Host, Liu took the stage and started discussing about the upcoming event. On the other hand, Domizzi ran towards the Ambassador for some photos. According to Domizzi, he was struck by the Ambassador’s sincere and friendly nature. Although it was a short conversation, he felt as though they have known each other for a very long time. :)

He introduced himself as a Laziale and that on 8/8/09, there will be 1000 Lazio fans from attending the match. The facial expression of the Ambassador suggests he was very surprised! This is an impressive figure as during Madrid last visit to China; the figure did not even make up to 500!!

Aren’t you just damn proud to be a Laziale at this moment?? (I AM!!!) Our team is not doing well and is far from our former glory days, but the passion from Laziali all over the world is just fucking incredible and over-whelming!!

Back to the press conference. Apparently, there was this little contest going on and the host posted this very interesting question.

'How/where did Lazio’s colours originated from?' (The Sky Blue and White)

Mr. Bob shot up his hand right away,‘Greece’!!!! He shouted the answer loudly!

Very well said! (Lazio's colours of white and sky blue were inspired by the national emblem of Greece, due to the fact that Lazio is a mixed sports club this was chosen in recognition of the fact that the Ancient Olympic Games and along with it the sporting tradition in Europe is linked to Greece)

After the press conference has ended, Domizzi discussed some seating issue with the organizing officers and the possibilities of getting the tickets at a cheaper price. He received positive replies. Excellent!!! By the way, I have just booked my air ticket to Beijing yesterday! Woooo..

PS: There were no Inter fans present at the press conference. Hahaha..

Forza Lazio,

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Andiamo Pechino!! Im going to Beijing!!

I've just booked my flight to Beijing for the Italian super cup. Last year, i've promised myself that if Lazio were to win the Coppa Italia, i will definitely go catch Lazio play!

So here it is..i've answered my vow. I've once travelled half-way across the globe to watch Lazio play and since they will be coming to Beijing, which is pretty near from Singapore, i realised that i just cannot miss this opportunity!!
I will be there 2 days before match day so as to soak up the atmosphere and also catch up with Domizzi and Almeyda from the forum. Domizzi is the creator of the website and have since recruited more than 10000 members. He forsee a strong contingent of 1000 chinese lazio fans making this trip to Beijing!!

At the same time, im also trying to liase with Paolo from as he has contacts with the club. I guess i would also like to contribute my part for the football club i love.
And lastly, those interested in making this trip, please contact me for more infos. Thank you.

'Do not ask what S.S Lazio can do for you, ask what you can do for S.S LAZIO'

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lazio Vs Sampdoria 1-1 FT (PK 6-5)

In this entry, i will not post details on the match as i believed you have already read or see the match a thousand times. Hahaa...Therefore, i will share with you my thoughts on the game, the aftermath and post pictures!

Sorry i took so long to update this post. I was so high after we won the cup that i didnt sleep the whole night and went straight to work the next day. Hahaha.

This has to be 1 of the most nerve-wrecking Penalty-Shootout i've ever seen!

For me and all the Lazio fans, this victory means the world to us. After so many years of sufferings, we finally won a piece of silverware! I was so overcome by emotion after Dabo converted the final penalty that i shed tears of joy. This time however, i did not shout myself hoarse as i did in the Olimpico. (My family members were sleeping) hahaha..I punched my fist in the air in quick succession instead!!!

To be honest, when the match went to PK, i gave up all hopes on winning. I had no confidence on Muslera because last season, he flopped so badly and on so many occassions, conceded sloppy goals. I know im being an asshole...thus i offer my sincere apology to u Mr. Muslera!

I doubted you. Im sorry Muslera!! Thank you for saving the penalties! Thank you!! *kow tow*

Ok, some other thoughts i would like to share. As much as i love Lazio to win this tournament, i still want to comment on how terrible certain players were in the match.

Firstly, i think there were no quality assists to our strikers. I dont see any productive crosses and we do not look threatening in the air at all! Our best headers of the ball, Rocchi was on the bench.

Secondly, I believed that Zarate is a true phenomenon! A great players! But i think he can better if he passes the ball more often. Is he selfish? Hmmm...subjective.

OkOk...its still party time so i shall not make too many negative comments here! WoooOooOoOO!!! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!

Top from left: Muslera, Kolarov, Ledesma, Dabo, Siviglia, Rozehnal.
Bottom from left: Pandev, lichsteiner, Foggia, Brocchi(useless), Zarate.


Muslera saved Cassano's penalty.

Zarate kisses the ball after successfully converted his PK.

The moment Dabo converted the spot-kick. (Zarate lying on the ground, refusing to see)

Everyone jumped at Muslera!

Its stampede!!

Lippi and can you remember him? Pierluigi Collina.

Hey!! Look whos here! Sergio Cragnotti!!

Zarate is tears..

I love this Tee-shirt!!!

I think its really nice that Rocchi wanted Ledesma to lift the cup together!!

Celebration inside the locker room! Here Pandev enjoying a bottle of Champagne.

Strip show!!!

President Lotito & Coach Delio Rossi.

Enjoying and showing off their assets! hahaa..

Radu, Diakite, Muslera, Carizzo and Zarate celebrating.

Capitano and Presidente with the trophy.

The team and crew celebrating the victory!

Delio Rossi in tears and saluting the fans..

Pandev and Muslera..

Zarate, after he scored the opener.