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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lazio 3-1 Bologna

We had a good game during the weekend against Bologna! In the first half, we had some attempts on goal but it was practically impossible to break the stubborn Rossoblu's defence.

At some point, they have about 9 players in their own penalty box!! Crazy! Zarate again was perhaps trying too hard to score. He has to understand that football is played by 11 men, and he cant dribble the entire defence single-handedly!

To be honest, it was after he was replaced by Kozak in the 2nd half, that we played much much better! Stefano Mauri switched to the center behind Rocchi and Kozak, and Hernanes to the right. Mauri plays best as a trequartista behind the strikers and there is no denying he had an awesome game!! He scored one from an assist by Capitano Rocchi, and return the favour by sending a delightful cross-chip to the Captain who lobbed the Bologna keeper, Viviano into the empty net!

Il Profeta scored from the penalty spot deep into injury time to send Lotito into smiles on the stands. Next up, away to Firenze!

Avanti Lazio!!


  1. Zarate oh Zarate, whats the matter with you kid?

  2. Too much disco! Hahaha